Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Sat here after the long weekend and thinking min days to go before the start of the race, and I counted the weeks and its seven to go, thank goodness for that we have extra training time. How will I navigate when I can not count !!! Tim has had a busy Easter looking after his guests down at the lodge, making sure they get to see all the animals they came to see in the Kruger National Park. If you have not been to the lodge you have missed out ! If your lucky you can get Tim to tell you about his croc attack when he paddled down the Zambezi river from the source to the ocean. Tim is not one to spin a tale, understated would be a word to describe Tim, but to survive a croc attack that was as long as his canoe 5 meters in length can only be described as lucky and brave. Its an interesting and scary story.

That brings me to the Race, having a race partner for 2300 kilometers is both testing and worrying at times. I was lucky when I met Tim, he had fallen off his bike on the way to Ntsikini and I got lost in the Umkomaas Valley and we met up at Ntsikini. Tim likes to be thoughtful about which direction to travel in, I like to say "THIS FEELS RIGHT" and off we go. Having a balance of personalities is what makes a good partnership. We have this ability to talk when we need too and be quite when we have too. I think we should get married !!  We get to cycle this crazy race together, sleep together, eat together and hopefully not get lost together. This time that we spend in each others company is both precious and interesting, cant wait its going to be so much fun !!!

We are off to Mankele soon to train for a week or so, Tim has found that the downhill course used at the venue will be a good route to carry our bikes up, I think he said ride down, well maybe not !! Practice for going up Lehanna !

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