Saturday, 28 May 2011


We have discovered that the other guys riding this year, the CLASS of 2011 have started raising some serious funds, so this is a cry for help !!! below is a post from Allen Sharp from the Freedom Challenge forum. Our effort is at R750.00 we need to make up a bit !!!!

We have reached our first milestone in the  backabuddy  "Class of 2011" fund raising challenge. We have managed to raise R32400 since our first email regarding the challenge. 

This means that the Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund can now make a difference to one more kid's life next year - all because of your generosity!  Each scholarship is R30k  and this keeps the kid at the Mariazell Mission school for 3 years. At present there are 5 kids being sponsored – these are the brightest kids from rural school who are given the opportunity to excel at an even better school .

Further good news is that we have had a few pledges and a few offline donations which will be added to the Barometer as soon as we get the money .

For those of you who have been way to busy training (or did not get the first email) please "cut and paste" the link  below into your browser to check your profile. Contact me directly if you have any queries. 
This is a really wonderful way for family and friends to participate in the greater good of your Freedom Challenge adventure.

Please dip your hand in your pockets.

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