Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 here we go !!!

I received a call from Tim today to tell me that Annette is going to give Tim a free pass to ride the Freedom Challenge with me this year, Two Old Farts return !!!!!! Annette your a honey ! I will make sure to push you up all the hills on the Trans Drak ! maybe thats stretching things, she is more likely to push me. Tim, Annette, Mike and I will be riding as Four Old farts in the Trans Drak 210 km 24hr race in March, beside the race traveling through the most amazing country side of the Drakensberg, down van Reenens Pass and up some other passes that I wish to forget until we get there, the people are magic and the race has the potential to be a South African classic, its hard, but rewarding.

So now the training really begins again, all the mistakes and rights of the past year need to be worked out and the maps reprinted along with narratives for the Freedom Challenge, and David is bound to change parts of the route, for fun !!! Part of the challenge of the race is the planning of the adventure, and communicating with other Freedom Challenge participants on routes and gear etc, on a ride yesterday I met Phillip who is riding this year and the discussion on which bike to ride, took a while, then meeting Ben De Lange and discussing the route, which he has a great knowledge of was really helpful. It all opens a can of fun !!!

So get out, look at the bucket list and get going, 2012 will be a great year !!

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