Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Last post before leaving to the start

Last night we all attended a function for RIDING FOR POMPE and got to meet all the other riders who have signed up to ride the 94.7 in November for this cause. It was amazing to see the positive attitude of Kelly and her husband who have been through so much with their son suffering from Pompe. It makes you humble and thankful that you have had a life without these kind of hurdles and their enthusiasm is contagious. Please click the link and support their cause, it does not matter the amount anything is greatly appreciated, and its going to such a worthwhile project.

Tim and I have just spent the morning second guessing how to carry the bikes up Steynns Kloof and the looking for a bike bag that can carry extra food. We have decided enough is enough what we have is it and just settle on what we have !!! Cant believe we are still second guessing ourselves at this stage, nerves ?

The Race has got off to a flying start and the race team are doing a great job on trying to keep everyone updated as to where the riders are, the twitter seems to be the favorite form of communication at the moment and Facebook, the race has a Facebook page FREEDOM CHALLENGE that is being update continuously so like it or have a look and you will see what is going on. The weather is holding at the moment but its due to get cold, as per usual, Tim has no fat so he is going to suffer, I will be toasty as I have lots !!!!

Thanks again to everyone who has assisted us, and a special thanks to Tim for riding the race again just to help me !!! Thanks Tim.

Next blog will be from the race

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