Friday, 15 February 2013

Day 2 of the Spine and we doubled up today, we visited the Big tree after we got lost, R15.00 each to hug the tree !! The road from the Big tree was all tar until the turn off, well thats where we appear to have gone wrong and ended up in a different valley to what we were supposed to be, in the end it was only a 10 km extra detour but today was an average of 35c and we did not need the extra millage. The traffic on the roads was a nightmare and the good old Taxi drivers are just as bad here in their own back yard as they are in Johannesburg. We did not enjoy the afternoon and the roads and hills went on forever, we arrived at Fig Tree Lodge after a 11 hour 45 minute day. The shower has been worth it and the steak is ordered for supper, I think tonight we will all sleep dead to the world. We intend doubling up tomorrow and hopefully will arrive at Sunlands in time to enjoy a beer in the BIG TREE !!

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  1. Wel done guys. It is good to see some more "oldies" doing the kilo's and putting in time! Philip