Monday, 3 June 2013

Time to try out the mobile blog !!

With 6 days to go before launch time I thought that I had better test the mobile blogger thingy for the interweb gogiemaflip ?? 

There seems to be a lot of the guys wanting the race to start already, it does feel like you are kicking your heals at the moment, you can only repackage your back pack so many times before you have to say ENOUGH !!! The back pack weight this year is 7.5 kgs with 1.5 Ltrs of water, still have to add food and the tracker yet.

Ben de Lange kindly corrected my statement on the Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund, there are 14 kids on the scholarships at the moment and David is donating R500.00 to the fund not R 100.00, Ben must have twisted David's are a bit there !!

The Backabuddy site for donations is working, please remember this worthy cause and donate, thanks.

The weather forecast seems to be great, on accu weather it says abundant sunshine, well see !! Looking at the cold front that's hit Cape Town we could be in for a wet race this year, time will tell.

Next update if this mobile thing works will be from the start. Safe riding.

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