Monday, 18 April 2011

Seven Weeks To Go

With only Seven weeks to go till launch day ! the training is looking a tad poor. Tim has been drinking up a storm in Cape Town with his boys and I have been waiting for a day with out rain. We will survive as Gloria says. The lists now need compiling for the boxes that we send down to the 26 support stations on the route, we need to buy the sweeties and biltong and other goodies that we put in the boxes. The nice thing is you forget what you have packed in the boxes and its a surprise every time you open up a box at the support station. Last time I had buckets of chocolate and Tim had savory stuff so we balanced out, you need to have sweet and savory. The equipment like gloves are now being tested on the rides Johannesburg is cold enough at the moment to make sure I have the right combination of inners and outer gloves, I saw some nice Black Diamond mitts in Sandton that look the business maybe I should give them a try ? Its carrying all the stuff that will make some of the decisions.

The Freedom Challenge has a scholarship charity that they raise funds for. Awarding scholarships to deserving students down in the Maluti area. The thing I like about it is that it pays for the education of a school kid who may end up becoming a leader in his or her area or in the future the country, and maybe we can get a leader who passed woodwork not like our current crowd. Tim and I have decided along with a lot of the other guys riding that we would like to support the scholarship fund raising efforts, and we will be linking a page to the blog that you can log into and make a donation. Even if its small it all counts, if all riders in this years Freedom Challenge raise R1000.00 each that will sponsor two kids. Hopefully we raise more. Your help is needed please.

Seven weeks !!!!!! bugger

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