Friday, 17 June 2011

Extreme[ly] Good Cause

Picture taken 09h22 17 June 2011 enroute.

Extract from Freedom Challenge website:
Extreme[ly] Good Cause:
The Freedom Challenge is truly an uplifting experience for the participants and now they themselves are extending this to various needy causes. Freedom Challenger Allen Sharpe has been tracking down and now shares some of the good work that is being done on the back of this amazing race (no not the Amazing race which is for wussies).

Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund

Established in 2010 by riders who had participated in the Freedom Challenge, the Scholarship Fund provides covers all tuition, boarding fees and books for the FET phase (Grades 10, 11 and 12) to the Maria Zell High School (alma mater of the late Albertina Sisulu) for impoverished scholars who live along the race trail and showing great potential.

Some of the riders who have been active in securing contributions to the Scholarship Fund are:

Andy and Tim - Two Old Farts On Bikes:
Ben De Lange
Anton Mayberry
Anton has launched a fundraising website
Craig Tingle
Dave Cochran
John Loos
Philip Erasmus

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