Friday, 17 June 2011

Snow and Wind

We left Vuvu at 06h45 this morning after a terrible night at Vuvu, the wind was howling and the roof rattling all night. We spent most of the night worrying about the weather when there was nothing we could do about it, a bit pointless really. Any way off we went up Lehanna's pass to Rhodes, we took 6 hours of pushing a bike up hill and off road and to make it more difficult it had been snowing, and the wind was howling. When we got to the top we were chuffed to nuts as it's such a difficult stage to get up both physically and navigation wise.

We then had coffee at Teanahead Lodge at the top of Naudes Pass and then rode down to Rhodes, with Tim having brake problems all the way down the pass, we will have to fix the brakes for tomorrow.

Now we are resting up and having washing done and checking the route for the next couple of days, we only have 1800 kms left to go, it's a good feeling for Tim and I to be at Rhodes it's a major achievement for us.

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