Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hurry Up and Wait

We arrived a bit early at Aintree in Pmb and have been shopping, repacked back packs, seen David the race organiser and finally met Meryll the hard working wonderful person who does everything for the race and touring sections. It was nice to finally meet the face behind the emails and calls.

Now it's the wait we have heard the rivers are in flood, and that some snow has melted which only makes us more nervous, Tim and I discussed this yesterday and we are both far more nervous and apprehensive about the race than two years ago, maybe because we have an idea on what's to come, or it's the result of failure last time and hopes for this time. Maybe the race should start and then we can just get on with it.

Thanks to everyone who has sent good luck messages and thank you to those that have donated to the scholarship fund we are at R5500.00 at the moment, and that's getting better each week.

Next blogg will be from ????! We will let you know !!

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