Wednesday, 22 June 2011

One fart and beyond !!!!

Tim left Brosterlea at 02h45, and it was with a heavy heart that I watched him go, trying to make sure that he has everything of mine that he may need. Tim pedaled onto Romansfontien and hit the marsh area which had been slowing everyone up, it seems that the whole country is a wetland at the moment, the one farmer has recorded the highest rainfall in 150 years in this area. Tim left the Support station at 15h00 and phoned me at 17h00, he could not find the path down the Aasvoelsberg. after discussions Tim went back down to the farm house only to find it abandoned. Tim then rode back to Romansfontien as the weather was cold and he could not find somewhere to stay for the night.

Tim left Romansfontien at 06h00 and phoned from Hoffmeyer where he was having a coffee and a pie at 13h25, he will make Elandsberg tonight with no problems I am sure. Tim found the path down the fist time this morning, I think he had pushed hard yesterday and could not see straight !

The race behind and in front of Tim is carrying on, the racing snakes are going fast and people like us are hanging in trying to make each day. This year we have been hit with wetter and I think colder conditions but thankfully only a little snow, it may still be on its way.

Me I am back in Johannesburg eating antibiotics and finding shoes to fit my swollen foot, and maybe I might find a scotch to console my bruised ego as well. The race was harder than anything that I have ever undertaken and the disappointment of having to pull out weighs heavily. I will continue to try and extract details out of Tim and update the blogg. And I hope that I will be at Dimmersfontien to see tim cross the finishing line.

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