Sunday, 26 June 2011

Marching old fart

Tim is marching on to Cape Town, its been hard to talk to Tim over the last couple of days due to cell phone reception and Tim putting in long days and nights riding. Tim has gone through Stuttgart, De Doorns, Vanderventers Kraal and Toekomst, He got lost a bit around Darlington Dam and had to have a swim across the river as the water was so high, again its amazing how wet the country is.

Tim eventually arrived at the dam wall tiered and fed up. He tried to get somewhere to sleep but when he asked a guy he was told he would not be allowed to sleep there even on the stoep. This is really unusual and I can only think the sight of Tim must have frightened him to death, he was wet, shivering and fed up, not a good Tim combination.

Tim spoke to Meryl and David at the race office and was directed to Draaifontien about 30 km further on towards Bucklands. A word of thanks need to be said to both Meryl and David they have been moving around a mobile office keeping track of all the riders and arranging for lodging for lost riders all over the country, it takes some doing and they do it very well at all times of the night and day, thank you to both of you.

At about 23h00 last night Tim made it to Omm Tuis's farm, and left this morning early to get to Bucklands, on speaking to Tim this morning he is in fine spirit and pushing on, his decision will be either to stay at Bucklands the night with Hannes and his wonderful family or to press onto the next emergency support station, I hope he rests up a bit but knowing Tim I suspect he will push on, I am in awe of Tim's ability to soldier on, and to laugh about it.

During the ride we came up with some questions that we believed we needed answers too, and we did not always have the correct answers, heres two, What is the best ipod song to ride too and to sing aloud ? the second is why can you fart walking but not cycling ? answers on a post card to the freedom Challenge office please. The amount of useless information and thoughts that go through your head when you are spending 16 hours a day on a bike is endless !!!

The picture above is Tim cycling down Naude's pass into Rhodes, we were doing about 40 km downhill when we came across the cows being moved all over the road. Traffic jam Freedom Challenge style !!

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