Thursday, 30 June 2011

Prince Albert

Tim arrived at Prince Albert at just after 17h00, he left Willowmore at 01h30 this morning, 178 kms, monumental effort. For Tim to get in to Dimmersfontien under the 26 days he had to do the milage today, and he battled the winds of the Karoo all day to do it. I have just spoken to him and all he wants to do is get finished, he has 500 odd kilometers to go and its all down hill, well not really ! he has some long and big passes to still go up including the portage up the ladder out of Die Hell, that famous goat track that the locals living in Die Hell used to get their produce out of the Gamkaskloof, its a 87 km day.

Thanks to all for the support, Tim is not always able to reply to the messages of support, but he knows and appreciates them. Annette you man is on the way home. Oh yes Tim did say he has a few Rand available for beer at the finish !!

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