Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wind and not the farting type !!!!

Tim is in at Willomore and had a head wind all day, he has managed to get in early and has rested up for the 178 km cycle tomorrow. Its a big day to get to Prince Albert but its really important that Tim does it to enable him to get to Paarl before the 26 day cut off.

A schedule of the next six days has been worked out and if the weather plays it part the man will arrive before next Thursday, he only has until Friday morning 06h00 so lets start with the positive thoughts. Annette Tim's wife and I have been fretting about him for the past two days but the Old fart is strong and we are booking our tickets to get to the finish. The bike is behaving and the muscles are sore but strong, I just hope he has kept money for the beer at the end !!! maybe he has enough left for some wine too !

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