Monday, 18 July 2011

Last post for the 2011 RASA

Well Tim is home and being spoiled by Annette, when I spoke to him he had just got back from a run, and the inevitable question of shall we do the race again was asked. I have entered for next year so that I can get this monkey off my back, Tim is thinking that the extreme triathlon maybe the route to go, I think we had better wait a couple of weeks before confirming with Meryl at the race office.

Both Tim and I would like to say thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read this blogg, and to all our friends that have made donations to the scholarship fund, we do not know the total amount raised by the class of 2011 yet but we are of the view that anything will help and we look forward to being down in the area when the scholarships are awarded in September. We also need to say thank you to the people that sponsored product and gave their time and knowledge to us before, during and after the race, thank you to all of you.

So as we close the 2011 Ride Across South Africa Race Blogg we have thought hard about what to say as the parting words for 2011, and all we could come up with is " you can never stop an old fart from trying to get out " See you all on the road somewhere !!!! Thanks Tim & Andy

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