Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The waiting game !! what time will he arrive ??

Today is the 24th day that Tim has been riding, of that time he has spent 15 days on his own. Tim has had to navigate by himself, motivate himself, and get up every morning and will himself up those hills to Cape Town. People lie when they say its all downhill to Cape Town. Annette and I arrived last night at Dimmersfontien and there really can not be a better venue to finish the Freedom Challenge, and Tim will enjoy the wine here thats for sure ! Set in the mountains this working wine farm is pretty, charming and cozey, and after riding, walking and at times crawling along the route Tim will get a chance to stop and think about what he has achieved.

As one of the riders said last night Tim can sure ride for an OLD TOPPIE !! Tim is nearly 60 he has worked hard, he has spent a lot of time lost, and at times got really frustrated with himself. He has been cold since day one and I am sure that he will be glad to get back to the warmth of the Kruger Park. But every day I have spoken to him he has had the goal of the finish. He has never not once mentioned pulling out, he has always been positive about the challenge of each day. Today is Tim's day, we hope he will get in around 17h00 or earlier, so some positive thoughts will help again ! Well done mate, F*@£@ awesome.

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