Friday, 17 February 2012

Hills and more hills

The past several weeks we have been training hard, Tim, Annette and I went to ride the Barberton MTN marathon, Tim did a great 5;20 for the 75 KM, Annette came 3rd in her group in the 45KM, and I broke my chain and walked back down the mountain, good Freedom Challenge walking practice. Mike Cronje won the Masters group at the Krugersdorp 50km last weekend, guess who's pushing who up the hills at Trans Drak.

The Trans Drak 24hr 210km is only two weeks away, it will be Four Old Farts riding as a team, with Josh and Steve seconding. In between we all have the Sabie marathon 75km and on the next day the 45km, Alistair from Titan has arranged all the camping so will be taking ear plugs and sleeping pills I think. The hills are big at Sabie we should do close to 2500 meters of accent on the 75km, Annette's going to kick my butt, Tim's on his new KTM, we have name it Thor, so he will be out to kick some younger butt.

Last weekend I went with a group of riders to Lesotho, it was the Big Sky Ride with Nick White, an South African Pro, no a rider not a prostitute !! Nick organized that we rode up the Sani Pass across Black Mountain, up a very big hill who's name I don't want to remember and down the highest pass in Lesotho, and out through Fouriesberg. I have attached the riding profile and it may give you an idea of the accent and decent for the ride. The ride was fantastic, I had Andrew Mclean the legend lead me out for about 8 km, so that I could catch up, he's got muscles I have never seen before in legs, we had the company of two Freedom Challenge riders, Jack Black and Anton, and a host of other great guys and gals who's sole mission was to ride their bikes. It rained hard, rivers flooded, sun burnt the hell out of us, locals begged the hell out of us, and Jack drunk the hell out of us. Really good weekend 268 km at altitude over 3000 meters and stunning views and vistas. Nicks the man !!!

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