Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tim gaining momentum

Tim is currently on his way to Van der Venters Kraal, he is gaining back time that had been lost going through the mud and rain after Rhodes. After Leaving Romansfontien Tim got lost on top of the mountain in the mist but managed to get to Hoffmeyer that afternoon for some pies and coffee, good coffee is Tims' favorite thing. Yesterday the 26th Tim managed to cycle all the way to Grootdam by passing two support stations and regaining time. When I spoke to him last night he was in great form and pleased to be out of the 2 and 4 degree cold that he had coming into Hoffmeyer. This morning Tim appears to have found the portage down to the Pearson Road which is a bugger of a decent with large rocks where your knees and bikes take a bashing, its not one of Tim's favorite spots. I suspect Tim will move on from VDV and head for Toekomst to overnight there before taking on the tricky navigation around Darlington Dam. The current leader Martin Dreyer is about 40 Kms from Prins Albert and storming the trail with last years record breaker Alex Harris only 7 hours behind him, their race has captured peoples imagination, however, there are people struggling on like Tim, smiling Dawn Bell ( who was hijacked on her bike a month before the race) Burton and Travis and many others that need to not be forgotten and encouraged. Hope the wind is at all their backs and pushing them along.

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