Monday, 2 July 2012

Prins Albert

Tim has arrived at Prins Albert after leaving very early he stormed in just over 11 hours for the 178 Km, Johann met him with coffee, so he's a happy old fart !!!! Tim left VDV Kraal and doubled up to Buckland getting in at 20h00 at night, I spoke to him that night and he was seriously tiered and had considered sleeping in a shop doorway, but in true fashion he carried on. Tim left with 3 other riders and cycled through the Bavianns Kloof down into Cambria arriving at 18hh00 after a good navigation day through the river crossings that took him 9 hours last year. He said this year was a breeze. The next support station at Dam se Drift Tim spent the night and rested up and travelled to Willomore getting in around 14h00. Tim decided to leave in the early hours like last year to get under the wind. He said that this year there was no wind and he had good moon light and really enjoyed the ride. The plan is to double up during the next couple of days and the possibility of a Friday finish is on the cards. Tim sounded great, he's not as tiered as last year and he now knows where he can move faster and is brimming full of confidence, so pleased.

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