Thursday, 21 February 2013

Last day of our Spine adventure

Ohrigstad to Pilgrim's Rest, 68Km riding along the best route so far, there was plenty of shade, and despite last nights rain the roads were not to bad, Annette could not be caught on the hills, she has got so strong on the bike that Tim and I were playing catch up all day. The route was really nice and the big climb of the day was not to bad at all. Once we had turned heading into Pilgrim's rest we knew that our journey was at its end, and the Royal Hotel put us in the Annex where we all have huge baths and plenty of room to lounge around. A quick bite of lunch and tonight we will have a whiskey or three. We have a days rest then its the 74km Sabie race left to do, now we don't have the heat we are hoping that the rain stays away so the track is not to muddy, never satisfied !! We will post more photo's and give the stat's of the ride when we get back to civilization, as all we want to do now is rest and soak up the atmosphere a bit, the bikes have been cleaned, washing done. We must say thank you to our back up man Alan with out who this adventure would not have been as easy, you can not ride a route like this without help and Alan was always there with a smile, quick wit and a plan, thanks Alan.

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