Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day 7 of the Spine

Today we rode from Burgerfort to Ohrigstad, Driekie and Pieter escorted us out of Burgersfort and onto the railway line, with out their help we would still be going around in circles as the roads used previously have all been closed off and in the maze we were lost. Once on the railway line we rode up beside the railway for about 30 Km, the valley was really hot and we seem to have missed the old fort that was somewhere up in the valley. The track was not as bad as we were expecting just temperatures of 40 plus and no wind. I ran out of water with 8 km to go, once we hit the tar mac it was a 4km downhill to the Iketla Lodge, the last 1.5 km up hill on a dirt road that seemed to go on for ever. Once at Iketla we were amazed at the serenity and luxury of the Lodge, we were greeted and provided drinks by the hosts and settled down to a swim and food. Could not find the free condoms, a good sign !!!! We were treated to wonderful food and a peaceful sleep. The thunderstorm brought welcome relief and cooled the place down. Last day tomorrow.

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