Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 6 of the Spine

Today is actually day 9 of the Spine but our day 6, and it was supposed to be a long 175km from Chuenespoort to Burgersfort, we had enough so we cut it short, the heat is oppressive and the ride not that interesting. So we headed for Bugersfort after only doing 40 Km. Having spent the night dodging the Turkey sized Mozzies and sleeping in a bed that you really did not want to get into, we left all the condoms on the shelfs and headed for Shangri-La, well we found it in a Guest House called Kusile owned by Drieke and Pieter, who are two of the nicest people you will meet. And Drieke is a mountain biker !! Air-conditioning, clean sheets, clean rooms, cant find the condoms though. Don't be put of staying at Kusile by the comments in the book that its expensive, this place runs at 100% occupancy and there are reasons for that, after last night you get what you pay for and this is a different quality. The ride this morning was alongside the National road, well a couple of kilometers in most places, and through the maze of new mines that have sprung up in the area. Its not pretty and the riding is dirt roads and tar. The taxis and cars and trucks are a nightmare, we had to ride right over on the verge to stay clear of them. The interesting thing was that Toyota vehicles were in the majority of about 8 to 1 to other makes, just an observation. The bikes have been cleaned and we have two days left of this adventure, one recommendation is don't ride this in mid summer its hot, we had little choice this year !! tomorrow the narrative states how hot it gets and we are planning to leave early to try and get through the valleys before we get hit with the heat I can not say I am looking forward to the ride tomorrow.

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