Monday, 18 February 2013

Day 5 we think

We left Kurisa Moyo in mist and it was pretty chilly, still should have remembered the sun block though. We had an excellent ride through the forest to Magobas and then up over the mountains again. The traffic on the road under construction was not to bad, and we made good time.

As we came over the mountains into the Cheunespoort area the temperature warmed up to the mid 35's should have remembered the sun block !! The ride through the villages was great and quite as everyone seems to have left and gone to work. Then we hit the tar section again as the narrative and map did not make sense to us. A long slog for 35 km and the local Spaza shops had run out of cold coke so we were given very cold water for free, bonus !

Tonight we are in a place where they leave condoms for free and charge a day usage, and it's seriously hot, the Mosquitos are the size of Turkeys so it may not be the most comfy night. Tomorrow is a very long section to Burgers-fort, we think we may cut some off as the routes mainly run down the main road we will see how it goes, really hope the next stop has a pool and mozzie coils. Will post photos tomorrow when we have a better Internet connection.

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