Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Dragons Spine was created by David Bristow and Steve Thomas as the ultimate mountain bike ride from Beit Bridge to Cape Town. After buying the book Riding The Dragon's Spine written by the guys, Tim and I decided we should ride some of the route, and on the 14th of February we will begin a two week journey down the spine starting at Beit Bridge and ending at Sabie in time for the annual Sabie race. Tim's Wife Annette will be joining us on the ride with Tim's friend Alan acting as the back up driver. We will be riding the Baobab Section and the Bushveld and Berg Section. There is a mixture of accommodation from camping to lodges along the route where we will be staying, I am worried about the heat, Tim says its no problem, but then he lives at Marloth where the average temp is about 36c he's used to it !!! The logistics of riding the route have not been as complicated as I was expecting, and all of the owners of the accommodation have been very supportive in assisting us so far. David and Steve provided the GPS tracks for us and that was also painless, we will still get lost and that is part of the adventure !!! The original ride by David and Steve helped raise funds by Riding for Smiles, Operation Smile South Africa is an amazing nonprofit organization that preforms operations on kids to correct facial deformities, is the website, please have a look at the wonderful work this organization does. David and Steve have asked that all riders of the trail donate any sum of money for use of their navigational GPS tracks of the route, and we will be donating and ask our friends to do so as well please. To read online about the trail go to the Dragon Trax site is nearly operational for the trax, it has been a mammoth undertaking for the guys, register on the site to be able to participate in their forum. So now we go back to packing and preparing the bikes, and buying sun block. Hopefully the weather will be kind and not be all rain. We will try and write a daily update of the journey, depending on the Cell signal. Next stop Beit Bridge.

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