Sunday, 30 June 2013


We arrived at Anysberg from Rouxpos early this afternoon after a lovely stay at Rouxpos where we had the best waffles ever made !! To get to Rouxpos we had to put the bike on our backs and hump up 1km of mountain called Die Leer or The Ladder in English, it's historic significance has been there for nearly 300 years, now some fancy group of Doctors from Cape Town claim that we do not have access, they even put up brand new razor barb wire at the bottom of the ladder to block us. The Police were called, they took about 5 hours we heard. Anyway the access was opened and we all got through as is our right. The sad thing is that people think that their money can buy the law, now maybe they realize they have to become politicians for that to work !!! Peter and I trekked up and had a really good day, over shot Rouxpos support station by 10 km but at least we got to see the route for today ! Today the rest of our batch doubled up and headed for Montague, we decided to stay at Anysberg as no one likes it here, it's a small piece of heaven, we don't get looked after like some other stations but its glorious. I have never been here before and it seems mostly hikers use the reserve, I am sure there is loads to explore here but not today, next time. Time to get ready for an early start for tommorow, 3 more stops then the big climb, nearly there.

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