Sunday, 30 June 2013

Day ??? No idea

We left Prince Albert in the rain, it was not forecast but the Freedom Challenge weather Gods decided that we should have a taste of crappy weather. It rained all morning with the wind howling around us, making the Swartberg Pass murder to walk up, the dirt road disintegrated and became treacherous on the down hills as you slipped all over the place. Our hands and feet were freezing. Then the sun stuck its head out at lunch time and all was better with the world !!! We still stayed in our wet weather gear as we did not know if the rain was going to come back, which made us sweat more, but was worth it in the end. The support station came upon us quick and about 6km shorter than I was expecting, a welcome surprise. Tommorow we have the ladder to portage up first thing, just hope the rain stays away.

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