Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Prince Albert

Today was the big day of 165km from Willowmore to Prince Albert. We left at 01h30 and arrived at 16h15. It was a long day, we left early to get under the head wind that was forecast for the day, and we managed to keep away from the wind until about 10h00 then we were hit with a head wind straight into us for the rest of the day. We were overtaken by the other batch riders like we were stood still, they were really motoring this morning and working well together. Then Jeanne and Martin Dreyer overtook me just before lunch at Rondawel. As I was walking at the time the Dreyers took the time to have a walk and chat to me, one must put this in context, they are the race leaders, and are serious speed merchants but they make the time to chat and help all the other riders in the field, very worthy champions and really nice people. And it's Jeanne calling the shots on the race not Martin, she is racing her race, it's amazing what she has achieved so far. Anyway lunch was brilliant and so glad we stopped at Rondawel, highly recommend it. Then we pushed on to Prince Albert where Peter and I have ended up in a very comfortable cottage near the main support station. We are all off to the Gammaskloof  tommorow and decisions are being made as to how many days to the finish and where people want to stop. Peter and I will take it a day at a time until we get to the end. At the moment we are about 15 riders at the support station, it must be one of the largest groups in Freedom  Challenge history, and we hear that there are several large groups behind us. Whilst this brings logistical problems it has also brought a lot of laughs as well. If to sleep now it's been a very long day !! 

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