Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Cold front approaches

We left Golden Crust after a really nice stay and headed up to Willowmore very early, 03h15 with the idea to get under the wind. We knew the plan was good until about 20 km into the ride when I started to feel a bit sick and listless, then someone stole my legs. I know they were there when I started the ride, but all of a sudden they were not there when it came to riding up the slightest incline. The day just progressed worse. The wind arrived and blew straight at us, poor Peter could have made it in far earlier but he waited for me to find my legs again. Thanks Peter your a star !! The wind chill was ever present all day, but cosied up in a double bed with an electric blanket on seems to fade the memory a little, maybe it was not that chilly ! Anyway tommorow is a 178 km day to Prince Albert the weather forecast is crappy with more crappy to follow. We can not moan really the weather so far has been incredible, just wish it would sty that way for a few more days !! The Dreyers should come past us in about 4 hours on their way to Prince Albert, it's amazing how Jeanne is riding and that she is supported by her husband Martin is really special, we all hope they crack the various records! I will be glad when they go past as I am fed up looking behind for them, it's given me  a stuff neck !! 

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