Monday, 24 June 2013

Wind and sunshine

We are currently at Golden Crust which was Dam se Drift after a windy ride from Cambria. I have lost track of the days but the previous two days saw us get into Bucklands with my back wheel doing a sideways motion from the spokes coming loose. This sent up a panic in my head but Ben De Lange and Johann Rissik came up with a plan to bail me out if needs be. It's ended coming right by super glueing each spoke and we have stopped them from coming undone !! Thanks to Bruce for bush truing my wheel, he did a great job that has enabled me to carry on without stopping ! The Osseberg trail was a bugger to say the least, it was a hard hard, hard, the river was at an all time low but it was hot and dry. A day never to be repeated we all hope, and the last 3 meter gate to get to Cambria nearly had me falling flat on my back again, thanks to Peter we managed to get the bikes over unscathed, the wind has blown through the Baviaans today and we have been hit with the dry wind and have got in the 80km day exhausted, but the chocolate pudding and custard has made up for it a little bit !! We are of to Willomore early in the morning, then a long 178 km day to Prince Albert the next day, lets hope the wind backs off !! 

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