Monday, 24 June 2013

Over halfway

We have cycled, pushed, and walked over half the distance of the 2013 Freedom Challenge. We have pushed up hill and down hill, side ways and backwards. We have travelled approximately 1350 km and are currently at Toekomst near Darlington Dam in the Eastern Cape. The weather is still holding and we had 34c temperatures, we are all geared up for cold, bring on an ice age and we are surviving, now we just cook and peel layers off, not that we are moaning just feeling very lucky at the moment, the weather has never been this good in 10 years of the Challenge. The hospitality of the support station hosts have been fantastic, we can not say thank you enough to them, the food has been lots and super, a lack of chocolate puddings though !! The race it's self is strange, we are now a bunch of 12 people at the front end of the race, which I am pretty sure has not happened before ! Behind us the Dreyers are storming towards us in their bid to smash  records and win the Men's and Ladies race, they should pass us in a day or two, makes you think they are on day 4 and just behind us, we are on day 13, but they are young !! Every day on this race is a big day, but we have several coming up in the Baviaans area, that are making me feel nervous, one day at a time !! One pedal stroke at a time ! 

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