Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Day 4 RASA 2013

Currently at Melokalanyane, after 4 days of riding, it's been a very cold mornings with my water bottle freezing as well as the gears on my bike, but we are being ppvery lucky with the weather, no rain just abundant sunshine !! The route is the driest that I have ever seen it, especially in Ntsikini, where it is always wet. The support station hosts have been fantastic as usual and the food magic, although I am still trying to find the ice cream and chocolate sauce !! We had a visit from the Freedom Challenge Schilarship kids today, they all are doing well and have just finished writing their mid year exams,please think about donating to the FCSF it really is a worthy cause that changes these kid life's for the better. A couple of tough days coming up, we are leaving for Vuvu at 04h00 tommorow and expect Tim James to pass us in the valley on his quest for two days to Rhodes, really looking forward to seeing Tim flash past us !!

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  1. Hi Andy!
    Have a good ride out there! Following and cheering you on! Keep the updates coming! Joyce