Friday, 14 June 2013

In at Rhodes

The last couple of days have been cold, hard and great riding. Sitting here next to the fire at Rhodes one forgets the wind blowing at a zillion miles an hour and the minus 7c in the morning across the Queens Mercy flats. The weather which always plays a large part in the Freedom Challenge has been fantastic apart from the really strong head wind today, and it looks set to be good for the next 3 days, with a bit of luck we will be at Romansfontien before the weather hits. Peter and I have got into a nice rhythm, we say goodbye to Owen today as he only rode the Ride to Rhodes all 505km of it !! It will be quieter without him, but not as much fun. Tomorrow we leave for Slaapkranz via Chesney world for breakfast with Christo the legend, leaving really early to get under the wind. A quick thanks to everyone who has donated to the Scholarship fund, I have been unable to check it for a few days, but thank you. 

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  1. That Fruitcake looks familiar! :)
    Hope you are enjoying it!
    You doing great, keep it up.