Thursday, 4 July 2013

Finish day RASA. 2013

Well that was a hell of a day ! Left Trout Haven very nervous of what was to come for the day. Peter and I managed to get the navigation right until we got to the screed, then it all went wrong and we took over an hour to cover  about 30 meters of bush, brambles and other stuff I have no names for. It was exhausting, silly mistake but maybe the Freedom Challenge was just having a bite back ! The rest of the climb was just hard work and emerging at the top of the mountain was a relief. Then it was off to the finish, just a couple of more hills then a downhill that made you forget all the up hills. And then the finish so glad to get there, my fourth attempt and success at last. So now I have a Blankie and lots of memories !! During the whole ride Peter Stephens has been a star and rock of our partnership for the ride, Peter you are the Man, thank you for every thing. I would also like to say thank you for everyone's support before and during the race, thank you ! Now off for some breakfast. As I said to David Waddilove yesterday at the finish, David I am a wanker but now I am a wanker with a blanket, it's time to enjoy it !!

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