Wednesday, 24 July 2013

War Trail

We are off to the WAR TRAIL so that Tim can do another crazy thing, now as a Tri-Athlete, a 65 km run up the Sky Run, over some very big mountains, then a 140 km cycle across some very big mountains and then a 60 km paddle down a very big river named the Orange, no problem for the old fart !!! Just one thing a tiny tear in his hamstring, yes even at his age Tim still has hamstrings !! he's been Physio'd, injected with platelets, iced and given some very nice coffee so all will be fine. Annette and I will be seconding and as the temperatures go down to -4c this weekend at Lady Grey in the Eastern Cape we will make sure we can pass bottles and food from inside the vehicle. We may even crack the window open a tiny bit. After Tim had his injection we took a walk around Ellis Park so that he could see where the Stormers loose their games when they come up to Jo'berg !!! We will try and update from the race, suspect there will not be a lot of coverage, will try ant TWIT as well.

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