Thursday, 25 July 2013

War Trail Briefing done !!

The briefing for the 2013 War Trail is complete and the participants are busy checking their GPS's and packing their compulsory kit into their back packs. Tim is a bit nervous, the most I have ever seen, but you can see the determination in his eyes. His hamstring seems ok, he has a little tear, nothing much ! The race starts at 04h00 with the 65 km run across the top of the mountains first. There is no doubt that this is one of the toughest multi day events in South Africa and being held in winter just adds to the toughness of the event. That the organizers are using Land Rovers makes it even harder !!! We will be in the middle of nowhere tommorow without a signal so we will only be able to update on day 2 the bike leg. The weather by the way is freezing but then I am a softie !!! I think the thermals may be compulsory in the morning. 

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